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Peter Leff's practice focuses on ensuring that labor unions and their employee benefit funds can succeed in today’s increasingly complicated statutory and regulatory environment. Since 2006, Mr. Leff has served as general counsel to an international union and their national pension and benefit funds. Mr. Leff devotes his efforts to advising the union and its local affiliates with respect to all aspects of union operations and governance. Mr. Leff also represents single employer pension plans and death benefit plans. The benefit plans that Mr. Leff represents have over $1 billion in assets.

In defense of and in furtherance of his clients’ goals, Mr. Leff has considerable experience advocating before federal district and appellate courts, administrative agencies and arbitrators. Mr. Leff services all of his clients' legal needs. His main goal is to ensure that his clients are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and avoid legal problems. When necessary, Mr. Leff vigorously represents his clients in court and other forums as both plaintiff and defendant.

Prior to coming to Mooney Green, Mr. Leff worked at the law firm that served as general counsel of a nationwide public sector employees’ union. Mr. Leff also represents a union of security guards that work for employers that contract with the federal government.

Mr. Leff authored "Failing to Give the Board Its Due: The Lack of Deference Afforded by the Appellate Courts in Gissel Bargaining Order Cases," The Labor Lawyer, Volume 18, Number 1 Summer 2002.

Mr. Leff earned his B.A. from the Washington University in 1993, graduating magna cum laude and as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Mr. Leff earned his J.D. from the University of Michigan in 1996.

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