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Mooney, Green, Saindon, Murphy & Welch, P.C. was established to serve the interests of working people by assisting their labor representatives and benefit plans. The Firm represents unions in the private and public sectors, and in many industries and fields, including fire fighting, mining and industrial, service employees, educational, transportation and construction. Services provided to unions range from litigation (including cases involving offensive and defensive RICO and anti-trust actions, defending injunction and strike damage suits, and defending member law suits), assisting unions in responding to governmental investigations and audits, assisting in collective bargaining, and advising on such matters as regulatory compliance, internal union affairs, organizing, and strike conduct.

The Firm also represents pension and benefit plans of all sizes. Services to these plans include tax qualification, ERISA compliance, employer collection actions, responding to governmental investigations, obtaining rulings and exemptions from the appropriate governmental agencies, defending participant law suits, and general advice. The Firm has also been involved in crafting legislation to address labor issues that could not be adequately resolved in collective bargaining.

The Firm represents its clients at every level of the court system, all the way up to the Supreme Court.  The Firm's Supreme Court practice has included its success in such cases as Eastern Associated Coal Corporation v. United Mine Workers of America, No. 99-1038, as well as  its participation in Eastern Enterprises v. Apfel, No. 97-42, Barnhart v. Sigmon Coal Co., No. 00-1307, and Barnhart v. Peabody Coal Co., Nos. 01-705 and 01-715.


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